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World Environmental Day

June 5, 2018
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Humans are both creatures and moulders of their environment, which gives them physical sustenance and affords them the opportunity for intellectual, moral, social and spiritual growth. In the long and tortuous evolution of the human race on this planet a stage has been reached when, through the rapid acceleration of science and technology, humans have acquired the power to transform their environment in countless ways and on an unprecedented scale.

Every June 5th is World Environment Day. On this day, communities and individuals around the world work to increase awareness of the importance of conserving the environment, the positive global impact of environmental regulations and controls and engage in activities that serve to educate and improve their environment locally. It grew out of the efforts of leading environmentalists who recognized the need for there to be a coordinated global focus to begin to make conserving the environment and our natural resources a priority.

World Environment Day

Facts about Environmental Day

  • Earth Overshoot Day is the date on which humanity’s resource consumption for the year exceeds the Earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources that year. In 2016 it was on August 8th, and it’s getting earlier each year.
  • The most hazardous pollutants are released from the air and less from the water and land together.
  • People who live in high-density air pollution area, have 20% higher risk of dying from lung cancer, than people living in less polluted areas.
  • 51% of the greenhouse gases generated globally are created by livestock which is a major cause of global warming.
  • Even with a 2°C rise, the planet will be punctuated with increased drought, wider-ranging wildfires and increasingly intense storms.
  • At least 50 million acres of rainforest are lost every year, totaling an area the size of England, Wales and Scotland combined.
  • Around 14 billion pounds of waste mostly consisting of plastic materials is dumped into the oceans annually.
  • A single quart of motor oil dumped on the ground or in the trash can contaminate up to two million gallons of fresh water.

Why is World Environment Day Important?

Without public awareness of the importance of the environment on a global scale, politics won’t pay attention to changing legislation to govern practices that may be hurting the environment. When you create a group for World Environment Day, you aren’t just making something for June 5th. This is a year round commitment to advocacy and action in your local area, and on a global scale to promote and encourage environmental responsibility and the conservation of natural resources. While the debate may still go on about alternate fuels and recycling, the fact remains that what we do have needs to be conserved and preserved to even allow us something to argue over.


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