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Trip to Dewas city: Treasure of Spirituality

August 7, 2018
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“One’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things” said, Henry Miller.

Dewas Overview:

Where is Dewas:

Dewas is a small town situated near Indore, Madhya Pradesh, at the distance of around 39 km. Dewas is a box full of religious sentiments, great views, and holy places. If one wants to experience the spirituality and feel the nature at the same time then Dewas would be a great choice for spending time. Dewas has covered all the sights such as holy temples and mosque and church as well. Most fun time to visit dewas is to visit in monsoon.

How to reach there:

As the distance of dewas is not much from Indore and there are two routes to reach dewas. One is the road to dewas and another is via train. In both the ways you will reach dewas within an hour easily. Via road, any sort of transportation can be chosen according to one’s preference.

Main Attractions:

Though dewas is not a huge city but still has some great places to offer for visitors and the work of Dewas MNC must be appreciated, the way they have maintained the city in cleaning is just fabulous. In the sense, the city is not huge and still, they have maintained the roads and other historical places is appreciable. There are some of the great places that you must visit if you around Dewas. Here are some places you should visit in-order(If you arrived at the railway junction) :

  • Laal Gate
  • Dewas Tekri
  • Meetha Talab
  • Kali Masjid
  • Kaila Devi Mandir

You should follow this places in –order only if you have traveled to Dewas via train.

Laal Gate:

lal gate dewas

Image Source: Google Maps

Basically, Lal gate is a huge red-colored gate that leads towards the market, inside of the gate there is a huge market available for several food items, so it will be a very good place for someone who loves to eat junk and spicy food and there are many shops available for clothing as well.

Dewas Tekri:

dewas tekri

Tulja Bhawani Temple

Dewas tekri is a fun and religious place. Tekri is the hill on which many religious temples have built. But the main temple that is on the peak of the hill is the Badi Mata or Chamunda Mata Temple. In order to reach the temple, there are two ways provided one is short and straight climbing to the temple another is a rounded one called as the parikrama which means having a round view of something. There is another facility of electronic lift is available for the aged people or not able to climb the hill. Anyway, the straight way will directly lead you to the temple and the parikrama way will take you to the top by having a view at all the other temples that are under beneath of that hill. There are three ways to leave the hill as two are the same used for coming and the third one will take you to the Dewas Maksi road, and that was the way that I  chose for leaving.

Meetha Talab:

After departing from tekri the straight path will take you towards the Meetha Talab. Meetha talab was my favorite spot in all of these because of its natural view.

Meetha Talab Dewas

It does not have any religious connection but it has the natural beauty at it’s best. If you like meditation then I would suggest you do not miss this place, it’s a great place for that purpose as it has nature and it is a bit far from the city so it is a quiet area, so you don’t feel surrounded. It’s beautiful in the monsoon when it’s grass is well grown and the sound of insects is very attractive. Here is a 360° picture of the garden.

[sphere 2913]

These areas were temporarily closed for some purpose but still, I requested the members to take some photos because I can not miss this beautiful place and they agreed. It’s beautiful in the monsoon when it’s grass is well grown.grass view meetha talab

Kali Masjid :

Kali Masjid is a mosque which is popular for curing the possessed people’s. There is a traditional story of that mosque, it  Is said that there is a family of jinnat lives here in this mosque and they cure people from there possession. So if you are interested in going to haunted and scary places then Kali Masjid would be a good option for you and if you are lucky you could get a chance see all this live.

Kaila Mandir:

This should be your first spot if you are traveling from the roadway and then you should move towards the Lal gate. Kaila mandir is the temple of goddess Kaila and not only that it has a huge idol of Lord Hanuman there and you can feel a bit relaxed here.

Kaila Mandir Dewas

Credits: TripAdvisor

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