A tour of Amaranth: Tour of heaven

July 29, 2018 Author: Shubham Yadav
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Amarnath yatra is one of the most important pilgrimage in Hinduism, it’s suggested to Hindus to visit this place once in their lifetime [1].The holy cave  is situated 12,756 feet above from the sea level in the Himalaya mountain range and for Hindus there is a religious story behind the visit of Amarnath. It is said that Lord Shiva has chosen this silent place to narrate the amarkatha to the goddess Parvati.

Beginning Of the journey:

In order to reach the holy cave , the first step is to reach Jammu and Kashmir and that can be done through selecting any of the transportation medium such as via bus or  railways or airways whatever is suitable. In my case I have started my journey through train from Indore to Jammu.

train outside view


Journey to the Holy Cave:

The journey begins from the  Jammu and lead to the holy cave. In order to reach to the holy cave  there are sub destination in-between the Jammu and the holy cave of Amarnath. The night stays and destination’s that comes in-between through the journey are listed below:

  1. Jammu
  2. Pahalgam
  3. Chandanwari
  4. Sheshnag
  5. Panchtarni
  6. Holy Cave


After the arrival at Jammu , all the pilgrims has provided a residency at a government center and are decided to stay night here and in the morning through the buses they are headed towards the Kashmir. There is another holy and religious place around Jammu called Katra the cave of Goddess Vaishno which is around 60 km’s away from Jammu. From Jammu there are two routes available to reach at the holy cave and pilgrims can choose any of the route according to their preferences .

  1. Route 1: Pahalgam to Holy cave
  2. Route 2: Baltal to Holy cave
               Route 1: Pahalgam to the Holy cave:

The common and usual route is from pahalgam to the holy cave , in this route the pilgrims has to start their journey from chandanwari to the holy cave which is about 32 km. The pahalgam route is much longer in comparison to the baltal but the safer and  with a better view of nature . I personally suggest you to start your journey from this route , if you are healthy and comfortable with walking that long.

pahalgam route

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Credits: Dailyhunt

                   Route 2: Baltal to the Holy cave:

The other route which is  much shorter in distance is from baltal to the holy cave  This route is in just opposite direction of the pahalgam route . Second route is shorter in distance but it gets dangerous to travel from that route in rainy season , specially if you are trekking , because the path becomes very dity and slippery and the road is very tiny.

baltal route

Credits: India Today


After heading from the Jammu , pilgrims arrives at the pahalgam . Pahalgam is a beautiful place in aspect of natural beauty , the hills are so high that clouds are passing from some of them.  There is a Pandav temple as well to visit. The First night stay of pilgrims are done in the pahalgam which is situated in Kashmir and after staying a night at pahalgam , the pilgrims would be headed towards the chandanwari in the morning .

beauty of pahalgam

Credits: cddholidays.com

Chandanwari :

Chandanwari is the place from where the  yatra begins . The timing of gate of yatra is from 06:00 am to 11:00 am . The holy cave is 32 km from chandanwari and it through this journey all the natural beauties are included in this yatra . The view of mountains and river if beautiful from the yatra gate. On the first day of Yatra the pilgrims has to cover the distance of 12  kms to reach at the sheshnag  stop.

Chandanwari view

Credits: MakeMyTrip


Sheshnag is the first stop during the trekking which is 12 km after the chandanwari starting gate. All pilgrims that are arrived here after 2  pm are stay a night here and at morning they continue their yatra. The main attractions of sheshnag are mainly the very high mountains covered in ice and the sheshnag lake which seems to be the reward of walking all the distance.

Sheshnag lake

Sheshang lake , Credits: Wikipedia


Panchtarni is the next stop after heading towards the holy cave from the sheshnag .Panchtarni is around 12 kms  away from sheshnag. The gates of panchtarni closes at the time of around 4:00 pm. The pilgrims stay their second night in panchtarni and then in the morning head toward the holy cave .

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Holy Cave:

In our journey from panchtarni to the holy cave there is an in-between spot called as sangam top . In hindi, sangam means the intimation and because of the crossing of baltal route and pahalgam route this place is called as the sangam top.Walking 6 km from panchtarni we finally arrive to our destination to the holy cave .

The holy cave



[1] “AMARNATH YATRA,” Indian Holiday, [Online]. Available: https://www.indianholiday.com/fairs-and-festivals/jammu-kashmir/amarnath-yatra-kashmir.html. [Accessed 29 July 2018].



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