The Blood Moon

July 28, 2018 Author: Shubham Yadav
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Yesterday on 27th of  July a hype was made that at midnight an eclipse will take place and so does it happened . In India the moon was not visible or in some places it was partially visible at 1 am. People has witnessed the blood moon effect. So, how did it happened?  As per the Indian belief , was the moon really cursed or it was any scientific incident . These are some of the question that arouses in our mind and in this article we are going to discuss about them.


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What is an eclipse ?

The very basic question of all is what is an eclipse? . According  to Wikipedia the definition  of eclipse is “An eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when an astronomical object is temporarily obscured, either by passing into the shadow of another body or by having another body pass between it and the viewer” [1]. Which is pretty hard to understand , so let’s take an image example to understand the process of eclipse.

Example of shadow effect

In the above image There are three man standing in a row and due to the presence of the middle man the Man 3 is not visible to Man1 . This represents the eclipse event  Whenever there are any middle heavenly body available between the two planets due to the shadow of middle body , the affected body or part of body is not visible .

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Types of eclipse [2]:

  1. Lunar Eclipse
  2. Solar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse:

In general ,  lunar eclipse is called as the eclipse of moon. According to the Indian mythology the moon becomes cursed and hence it becomes invisible , but there is the scientific reason of moon’s invisibility . As from the above example we have seen how eclipse occurs , in the case of moon eclipse the man 1 is replaced by Sun , the man 2 is replaced by Earth and the Man 3 is replaced by the moon itself. Moon shines to us because the light from sun is reflected from moon to the earth , but in some certain situations the earth and  the moon rotates in a row and due to the mid-presence of earth , the sunlight is not reachable to moon and hence that affected part of moon does not shine and causes the eclipse.

lunar eclipse image[2]

Solar Eclipse:

As like  the eclipse of moon , the sun also has eclipse and it is called as the solar eclipse . The reason behind the moon eclipse is due to the shadow of the earth some part of the moon or sometime the total moon becomes invisible but in  the case of solar eclipse , how does  it work?

In solar eclipse the concept perspective works, let’s take it from the above example of three man , if the man1 is not able to see  the man 3  then on the other hand man 3 is also unable to see man 1  and that is the reason behind the solar eclipse . In certain situations when moon rotates in front of earth in perspective of sun then , it block some of the area of sun and the sunlight is not reachable to the earth and hence the sun is not visible to us .

Solar Eclipse[2]


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Science Behind The Blood Moon:

Well with the example of shadow effect , it’s understood that how eclipse occurs but what is the reason behind the blood moon , how did it  become red? In  normal days the sunlight directly reaches to the moon reflects to the earth and moon shines but in the case of this lunar eclipse the moon has hidden behind the earth and the sunlight is not reaching directly to the moon , instead of that light colors are refracted and making a curve and thus it is stretched and the reflection of color from moon is dark yellow or red and it becomes that red giant . Due to the red color of refraction from the moon , it is called the blood moon .

blood moon reason[3]

Credits: FIZX


How Often does it happen?

The blood moon is the total lunar eclipse , which occurs in a very long time because the orbit classes in which the  moon rotates around the earth and the earth rotates around the sun are tilted . So , whenever the Earth and the moon comes in a row and the total lunar eclips takes , the moon turns read. The color of moon depends on the atmosphere of earth as well , the dust particles can block the color and resulting the moon would be much darker.

Priority of total moon

Credits: EarthSky



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[2] “What Is An Eclipse,” NASA TV, [Online]. Available: [Accessed 28 July 2018].



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