What is Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
Networking , Technology & Science / March 23, 2018

As the number of users on the World Wide Web increases every day, its use in different areas is also growing. One of the most powerful aspects of the Web is that anybody who has Internet access can browse on the net. This enables sharing the information worldwide. As we traverse the vast frontier of the World Wide Web, we’ll come across documents that make we wonder, “How did they do this?” These documents could consist of, among other things, forms that ask for feedback or registration information, image maps that allow to click on various parts of the image, counters that display the number of users that accessed the document, and utilities that allow to search databases for particular information. In most cases, we’ll find that these effects were achieved using the Common Gateway Interface, a.k.a. CGI. Overview of Common Gateway Interface (CGI) One of the Internet’s worst-kept secrets is that CGI is amazingly simple. That is, it’s trivial in design, and anyone with an iota of programming experience can write rudimentary scripts that work. It’s only when your needs are more demanding that you have to master the more complex workings of the Web. In a way, CGI is easy…

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