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How to create Wireless Network using NS2 simulator
Networking , Technology & Science / January 23, 2018

NS2 is one of the best simulation tool used by bulk of scholars today due to its highlighted features like sustain for OOPs concept, C++ programming fundamentals, real time emulation support etc. NS2 is used to simulate both wired and wireless networks; here we have focused on wireless network simulation in NS2 due to its wide applicability. We are going to simulate a very simple 2-node wireless scenario. The topology consists of two mobile nodes,  and  the mobile nodes move about within an area whose boundary is defined in this example as. The nodes start firstly at two opposite ends of the boundary. Then they move towards each other in the first half of the simulation and again move away for the second half. A TCP connection is setup between the two mobile nodes. Packets are exchanged between the nodes as they come within hearing range of one another. The simulation script is representing here for 2 wireless nodes in network simulation version-2. Simulation Script #Filename: MyFirstSimulation.tcl #TCL – Tool Command Language # Simulator Instance Creation set ns [new Simulator] #Fixing the co-ordinate of simulation area set val(x) 500 set val(y) 500 # Define options set val(chan) Channel/WirelessChannel // channel…