What is Knowledge Graph

Knowledge graphs are large networks of entities and their semantic relationships. They are a powerful tool that changes the way we do data integration, search, analytics, and context-sensitive recommendations. Knowledge graphs have been successfully utilized by the large Internet tech companies, with prominent examples such as the Google Knowledge Graph. Open knowledge graphs such as Wikidata make community-created knowledge freely accessible. Overview of Knowledge graphs The World Wide Web is a vast repository of knowledge, with data present in multiple modalities such as text, videos, images, structured tables, etc. However, most of the data is present in unstructured format and extracting information in structured machine-readable format is still a very difficult task. Knowledge graphs aim at constructing large repositories of structured knowledge which can be understood by machines. Such knowledge graphs are being used to improve the relevance and the quality of search in case of search engines like Google and Bing. Knowledge graphs are also being used by applications like Google now, Microsoft Cortana and Apple Siri which are capable of understanding natural language queries and answer questions, making recommendations, etc. to the user. The construction of knowledge graphs is thus a major step towards making intelligent personalized machines. Web…

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