What is Image Retrieval

An image retrieval system can be defined as searching, browsing, and retrieving images from massive databases consisting of digital images. Although Conventional and common techniques of retrieving images make use of  adding metadata namely captioning keywords so as to perform annotation of words. However image search can be described by dedicated technique of search which is mostly used to find images. For searching images user provides the query image and the system returns the image similar to that of query image. Image Retrieval Architecture Image Retrieval has been adopted in most of the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. A large number of image search engines mainly employ the surrounding texts around the images and the image names to index the images. Because there are only two main places where anyone can place text first in title (Name of image) and second in the tags which are proposed and implemented using web 2.0 concepts? Most of the time user make query in the text format for search contents over any search engine. Figure 1: General Image Retrieval System However, this limits the capability of the search engines in retrieving the semantically related images using a given query. On…

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