Introduction of Delay Tolerant Network
Technology & Science / January 12, 2018

Technology has shown significant potential in developing countries, as appropriate designs matched with real world need can effectively bridge information gaps, provide greater transparency, and improve communication efficiency. Unfortunately, many developing regions environments have a lack of affordable network connectivity. Even where there is connectivity, networks are often characterized by frequent, lengthy, and unpredictable link outages, along with limited bandwidth and congested usage. Comparing the prevalence of access to information technology across regions, one finds marked distinctions between generally industrialized (and “wired”) countries and a large number of developing nations that lack connectivity and access to technology. Overview of Delay Tolerant Network Communicating from Earth to any spacecraft is a complex challenge, largely due to the extreme distances involved. When data are transmitted and received across thousands and even millions of miles, the delay and potential for disruption or data loss is significant. Through the network transmission has been very easy thing at current, but it is still very difficult to transmit data in some networks that are often in delay and interruption. Meanwhile, network interruption and delay are very common due to various reasons such as the change in network topology or harsh environment, etc. For these many researchers have proposed…

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