Web Page Recommendation System

Recommender systems have become an important study area recently. The increasing amount of web content on web sites makes the recommender system an essential part of web sites. Recommender systems try to direct users to where they would like to go without getting the user lost in the huge amounts of information on the web site. The recommending of books, CDs and other products at Amazon.com is an example of such a system. Web-page recommendation has proved in recent years to be a valuable means of helping Web users by providing useful and effective recommendations or suggestions. The core techniques in web-page recommendation are the learning and prediction models which learn users’ behaviour and evaluate what users would like to view in the future. In particular, it can suggest interesting items from a large set of items based on the knowledge gained about an active user. Web-page recommendation can automatically recommend Web-pages that are most interesting to a particular user based on the user’s current Web navigation behaviour. Good Web-page recommendations can improve website usage and Web user satisfaction. Through the continuous development of internet knowledge, Web has become a huge repository of information and keeps growing exponentially under no…

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