What is Machine Translation
Technology & Science / December 17, 2017

With most of the information around the world being made available in English, linguistic diversity around the world and the result of globalization requires the information be made available in local languages where English is not spoken or written. Natural Language Processing is an area of research and application that explores how computers can be used to understand and manipulate natural language text or speech to do useful things. Today technology has made it possible for individuals worldwide to access large volumes of information at the click of a button. However, very often the information sought may not be in a language that the individual is familiar with. Overview of Machine Translation Machine Translation¬†(MT) is the task of automatically converting one natural language into another, preserving the meaning of the input text, and producing fluent text in the output language. The term machine translation (MT) is used in the sense of translation of one language to another. The ideal aim of machine translation systems is to produce the best possible translation without human assistance. Basically every machine translation system requires programs for translation and automated dictionaries and grammars to support translation. The translation quality of the machine translation systems can…

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