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Introduction of Template Matching in Image Processing
Image Processing , Technology & Science / January 31, 2018

Template matching is one of the areas of profound interests in recent times. It has turned out to be a revolution in the field of computer vision. Template Matching is a high-level machine vision technique that identifies the parts on an image that match a predefined template. Advanced template matching algorithms allow to find occurrences of the template regardless of their orientation and local brightness. Template Matching techniques are flexible and relatively straightforward to use, which makes them one of the most popular methods of object localization. Their applicability is limited mostly by the available computational power, as identification of big and complex templates can be time-consuming. What is Template Matching? Template matching is a technique used in classifying an object by comparing portions of images with another image. One of the important techniques in Digital image processing is template matching. Templates are usually employed to print characters, identify numbers, and other little, simple objects. It can be used for detection of edges in figures, in manufacturing as a part of quality control and a means to navigate a mobile robot. Figure 1: Example of Template Matching Figure 1 depict the example of template matching. Template Matching is a strategy for…