Introduction of Human Computer Interaction

Utilizing computers had always begged the question of interfacing. The methods by which human has been interacting with computers has travelled a long way. The journey still continues and new designs of technologies and systems appear more and more every day and the research in this area has been growing very fast in the last few decades. The growth in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) field has not only been in quality of interaction, it has also experienced different branching in its history. Instead of designing regular interfaces, the different research branches have had different focus on the concepts of multimodality rather than unimodality, intelligent adaptive interfaces rather than command/action based ones, and finally active rather than passive interfaces. Human Computer Interaction (HCI) :¬†Overview Human Computer Interaction (HCI) involves the planning and design of the interaction between users and computers. In these days, smaller devices are used to improve technology. The most important advantages of computer vision is its freedom. The user can interact with the computer without wires and manipulating intermediary devices. Recently, User-Interfaces are used to capture the motion of our hands. The researchers developed techniques to track the movements of hand/fingers through the web cam to establish an interaction…

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