Introduction Image De-Noising
Image Processing , Technology & Science / November 20, 2017

Any form of signal processing having image as an input and output (or a set of characteristics or parameters of image) is called image processing. In image processing we work in two domains i.e., spatial domain and frequency domain. Spatial domain refers to the image plane itself, and image processing method in this category are based on direct manipulation of pixels in an image and coming to frequency domain it is the analysis of mathematical functions or signals with respect to frequency rather than time. Image Denoising :¬†Overview The search for efficient image denoising methods still is a valid challenge, at the crossing of functional analysis and statistics. Image denoising refers to the recovery of a digital image that has been contaminated by noise. The presence of noise in images is unavoidable. It may be introduced during image formation, recording or transmission phase. Further processing of the image often requires that the noise must be removed or at least reduced. Even a small amount of noise is harmful when high accuracy is required. The noise can be of different types. The most popular ones are additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN). An image denoising procedure takes a noisy image as input…

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