What is Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint Recognition is one of the most well-known and publicized biometrics. Because of their uniqueness and consistency over time, fingerprints have been used for identification for over a century, more recently becoming automated (i.e. a biometric) due to advancements in computing capabilities. Fingerprint identification is popular because of the inherent ease in acquisition, the numerous sources (ten fingers) available for collection, and their established use and collections by law enforcement and immigration. Introduction of Fingerprint Recognition Fingerprint recognition is one of most popular and accuracy Biometric technologies. Fingerprint recognition (identification) is one of the oldest methods of identification with biometric traits. Large no. of archeological artifacts and historical items shows the signs of fingerprints of human on stones. The ancient people were aware about the individuality of fingerprint, but they were not aware of scientific methods of finding individuality. Fingerprints have remarkable permanency and uniqueness throughout the time. Fingerprints offer more secure and reliable personal identification than passwords, id-cards or key can provide. Examples such as computers and mobile phones equipped with fingerprint sensing devices for fingerprint based password protection are being implemented to replace ordinary password protection methods. Finger-scan technology is the most widely deployed biometric technology, with a…

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