Introduction of Automatic Speech Recognition

Speech is a versatile mean of communication. It conveys linguistic speaker and environmental information. Even though such information is encoded in a complex form, humans can relatively decode most of it. Among all speech tasks, automatic speech recognition (ASR) has been the focus of many researchers for several decades. In this task, the linguistic message is the information of interest. Speech recognition applications range from dictating a text to generating subtitles in real-time for a television broadcast. Despite the human ability, researchers learned that extracting information from speech is not a straightforward process. Definition of Automatic Speech Recognition Speech recognition has in years has become a practical concept, which is now being implemented in different languages around the world. Speech recognition has been used in real-world human language applications, such as information recovery. Speech in human can be said as the most common means of the communication because the information maintains the basic role in conversation. The conversation or speech that is captured by a microphone or a telephone is converted from acoustic signal to a set of words in speech recognition. It can be defined: “Automatic speech recognition (ASR) can be defined as the independent, computer‐driven transcription of spoken language…

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