Face Recognition

Information and Communication Technologies are increasingly entering in all aspects of our life and in all sectors, opening a world of unprecedented scenarios where people interact with electronic devices embedded in environments that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of users. Indeed, since the first examples of “intelligent” buildings featuring computer aided security and fire safety systems, the request for more sophisticated services, provided according to each user’s specific needs has characterized the new tendencies within demotic research. With data and information accumulating in abundance, there is a crucial need for high security. Biometrics has now received more attention. Face biometrics, useful for a person’s authentication is a simple and non-intrusive method that recognizes face in complex multidimensional visual model and develops a computational model for it. Face Recognition Significance Face recognition is a biometric technique used for surveillance purposes such as search for wanted criminals, suspected terrorists, and missing children. The term face recognition refers to identifying, by computational algorithms, an unknown face image. This operation can be done by comparing the unknown face with the faces stored in database. Face recognition has three stages a) face location detection b) feature extraction c) facial image classification. Face recognition…

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