What is Session Hijacking in Cyber Security?

Now a days, the usage of web based applications are increasing and the session vulnerabilities are very common in all web applications. Information security is a vital area of concern for all users, which goes beyond the technical domain. It is likely to affect the entire human race if not properly handled. Security is the degree of conflict to, or defense from harm. It applies to any susceptible and precious asset, such as a person, dwelling, community, organization, or nation. The Internet has become immensely popular and used by people of all different backgrounds. It has increased the development of web applications in recent years. Simultaneously, the impact and amount of security vulnerabilities on web applications are also on hike. Overview¬† of Session Hijacking? Session hijacking is an exploitation of a valid web application session or session key, to gain unauthorized access to information or services in a computer system. Due to the stateless nature of the HTTP protocol, web applications require additional measures to keep their users authenticated. To achieve this criterion, session identifiers are used for the authentication process. After a successful authentication, the web application generates the session ID, which will be transmitted to the client. Every…

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