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What is Denial of Service (DoS) Attack in Networking?
Networking , Technology & Science / July 5, 2018

Network Security deals with all aspects related to protection of sensitive information on the network. It covers various mechanisms to provide fundamental security for data in communication systems. Security in computer network determines the ability of administration to manage, protect and distribute sensitive information. Data Security was found many years before the advent of wireless communication due to mankind’s need to send information without exposing its content to others. Every security system must provide a list of security functions. That can assure secrecy of the system. These functions are usually referred to as goals of security system. There are a number of different kinds of attacks are exist in network security that impact the system performance and security protocols. Among them a serious kind of attack namely Denial of Service (DoS) attack is described. Basic Description about denial of service (DoS) Attack Denial of Service attacks is undoubtedly a very serious problem in the Internet, whose impact has been well demonstrated in the computer network literature. The main aim of Denial of Service is the disruption of services by attempting to limit access to a machine or service instead of subverting the service itself. This kind of attack aims at…