What is Red Green Blue (RGB) Color Model?

Colors are important for human for communicating with the daily encountered objects as well as his species, these colors should be represented formally and numerically within a mathematical formula so it can be projected on device/ computer storage and applications, this mathematical representation is known as color model that can hold the color space, by the means of color’s primary components (Red, Green, and Blue) the computer can visualizes what the human does in hue and lightness. Color Model Color models play an important role in real world applications such as computer graphics, image processing, television broadcasting, etc. Each color model has its own significance and applicable in different application domains. One of the interesting areas of digital image processing is to improve the image information for better processing image. Color model is a method for specifying colors in a standard way and the color model is represented by three dimensional coordinate system where each color is represented by single point within three dimensional systems. In case of human visual system, rods cells (in the eye) are sensitive to low intensity light waves recognizing binary images whereas cones cells are sensitive to red, green and blue light waves , thus,…

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