Introduction of Motion Analysis
Image Processing , Technology & Science / November 23, 2017

The ultimate goal of computer vision is to understand the scene correctly through various steps of acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding different kinds of information obtained by different kinds of sensors. Human motion analysis, recognition, and understanding are one of the very hottest topics within computer vision. Aspect of Motion Analysis As one of the most active research areas in computer vision, visual analysis of human motion attempts to detect, track and identify people, and more generally, to interpret human behaviors, from image sequences involving humans. Human motion analysis has attracted great interests from computer vision researchers due to its promising applications in many areas such as visual surveillance, perceptual user interface, content-based image storage and retrieval, video conferencing, athletic performance analysis, virtual reality, etc. Vision based human motion recognition is a systematic approach to understand and analyze the movement of people in camera captured content. It comprises of fields such as Biomechanics, Machine Vision, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition. It is an interdisciplinary challenging field having grand applications with social, commercial, and educational benefits. A wide spectrum of applications demands human motion recognition. Human motion analysis is a broad concept. Figure 1: Directions of human motion analysis…

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