A tour of Amaranth: Tour of heaven

Amarnath yatra is one of the most important pilgrimage in Hinduism, it’s suggested to Hindus to visit this place once in their lifetime [1].The holy cave  is situated 12,756 feet above from the sea level in the Himalaya mountain range and for Hindus there is a religious story behind the visit of Amarnath. It is said that Lord Shiva has chosen this silent place to narrate the amarkatha to the goddess Parvati. Beginning Of the journey: In order to reach the holy cave , the first step is to reach Jammu and Kashmir and that can be done through selecting any of the transportation medium such as via bus or  railways or airways whatever is suitable. In my case I have started my journey through train from Indore to Jammu.   Journey to the Holy Cave: The journey begins from the  Jammu and lead to the holy cave. In order to reach to the holy cave  there are sub destination in-between the Jammu and the holy cave of Amarnath. The night stays and destination’s that comes in-between through the journey are listed below: Jammu Pahalgam Chandanwari Sheshnag Panchtarni Holy Cave Jammu: After the arrival at Jammu , all the pilgrims has…

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