introduction of Regression Analysis

Extracting patterns and models of interest from large databases is attracting much attention in a variety of disciplines. Knowledge discovery in databases (KDD) and data mining are areas of common interest to researchers in machine learning, pattern recognition, statistics, artificial intelligence, and high performance computing. Regression General Overview Regression is a data mining function that predicts a number. Profit, sales, mortgage rates, house values, square footage, temperature, or distance could all be predicted using regression techniques. For example, a regression model could be used to predict the value of a data warehouse based on web-marketing, number of data entries, size, and other factors. A regression task begins with a data set in which the target values are known. For example, a regression model that predicts data warehouse values could be developed based on observed data for many data warehouses over a period of time. In addition to the value, the data might track the age of the data warehouse, size and number of clusters and so on. Data warehouse value would be the target, the other attributes would be the predictors, and the data for each data warehouse would constitute a case. In the Regression is a data mining function…

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