How Question Answering System Works

The majority of all human knowledge is solely represented in natural language. This knowledge is accessible for humans, who can understand the natural language texts and answer questions about them, but it is not in the same measure accessible for machines. In this section we have listed some basics of question answering outlines: Question answering system : Overview Quality and reliable question answering system (QA) would be of high use in various fields. Just imagine, a doctor being able to provide diagnose in a matter of seconds, only by asking his computer a couple of questions about symptoms or a programmer coming with a command right away, without need to read extensive manuals or documentation. Even less specialized tasks, common for our daily life, like looking for a cooking recipe, finding out how to treat a plant, looking up common knowledge or an equation, asking for coordinates to a nearest restaurant. Today, we usually do a web search to find an answer to any of these questions. It is certainly significantly faster than looking for an answer in books, but still, it’s far from perfect. Web Search Engines usually require us to insert our question (or query) not in a…

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