Iris Recognition System

The pressures on today’s system administrators to have secure systems are ever increasing. One area where security can be improved is in authentication. Iris recognition, a biometric, provides one of the most secure methods of authentication and identification thanks to the unique characteristics of the iris. The iris recognition is now becoming a common authentication method in handheld consumer electronics devices, such as cellphones and tablets. The iris being a biometric parameter is a way better than password protection because of its uniqueness for each individual. General Overview of Iris Recognition System In today’s information technology world, security for systems is becoming more and more important. The number of systems that have been compromised is ever increasing and authentication plays a major role as a first line of defence against intruders. The three main types of authentication are something you know (such as a password), something you have (such as a card or token), and something you are (biometric). Passwords are notorious for being weak and easily crackable due to human nature and our tendency to make passwords easy to remember or writing them down somewhere easily accessible. Cards and tokens can be presented by anyone and although the token…

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