What is Ubiquitous (Pervasive) Computing
Technology & Science / February 7, 2018

The world is witnessing the birth of a revolutionary computing paradigm that promises to have a profound effect on the way we interact with computers, devices, physical spaces, and other people. This new technology, called ubiquitous computing, envisions a world where embedded processors, computers, sensors, and digital communications are inexpensive commodities that are available everywhere. Ubiquitous computing will surround users with a comfortable and convenient information environment that merges physical and computational infrastructures into an integrated habitat. Overview The dissemination and use of modern information and communication technologies (ICT) are considered to be the preconditions today for dynamic economic growth and future viability in global competition. At the same time, the processes of change triggered, enabled and accelerated by ICT are enormous. Ubiquitous computing is viewed less as a discrete field of technology, but rather as an emerging application of information and communications technology that is integrated into the everyday world more than ever before. The goal is to meet the claim of “everything, always, everywhere” for data processing and transmission through the ubiquity of ICT systems. Ubiquitous computing is a paradigm in which the processing of information is linked with each activity or object as encountered. It involves connecting…

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