What is Hue Saturation Value (HSV) color Model?

To utilize color as a visual cue in multimedia, image processing, graphics and computer vision applications, an appropriate method for representing the color signal is needed. The different color specification systems or color models address this need. Color spaces provide a rational method to specify order, manipulate and effectively display the object colors taken into consideration. The purpose of a color model is to facilitate the specification of colors in some standard generally accepted way. In essence, a color model is a specification of a 3-D coordinate system and a subspace within that system where each color is represented by a single point. Basic Overview of HSV color Model Hue, Saturation, and Value (HSV) are a color model that is often used in place of the RGB color model in graphics and paint programs. In using this color model, a color is specified then white or black is added to easily make color adjustments. HSV may also be called HSB (short for hue, saturation and brightness). This color space describes colors (hue or tint) in terms of their shade (saturation or amount of gray) and their brightness value. The HSV color space (Hue, Saturation, Value) is often used by people…

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