GridSim Overview

The GridSim is a Java based discrete event simulation package, supports modeling and simulation of a wide range of heterogeneous resources, such as single or multiprocessors, shared and distributed memory machines such as PCs, workstations, Shared memory Multiprocessors (SMP), and clusters with different capabilities and configurations. It can be used for modeling and simulation of application scheduling on various classes of parallel and distributed computing systems such as clusters, Grids, and P2P networks. The toolkit provides concurrent entities for creation of application tasks, mapping of tasks to resources and their management. In Grid Computing applications where resources are spread over dispersed locations and run by different organizations with differing policies, it is important that the user is given a guarantee that their tasks be completed, and completed within specific guidelines that the user may wish to request. To achieve this, agreements need to be made between the resource providers and the users themselves, protecting and outlining the requirements, policies and rights of both parties. Simulation has been used extensively as a way to evaluate and compare scheduling strategies as simulation experiments are configurable, repeatable, and generally fast. GridSim is a famous Java-based grid simulator with a clear focus on Grid…

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