What is Keystroke Dynamics, Applications and Definition
Technology & Science / January 20, 2018

The increasing use of automated information systems together with our pervasive use of computers has greatly simplified our lives, while making us overwhelmingly dependent on computers and digital networks. Technological achievements over the past decade have resulted in improved network services, particularly in the areas of performance, reliability, and availability, and have significantly reduced operating costs due to the more efficient utilization of these advancements. We argue that the use of keystroke rhythm is a natural choice for computer security. This argument stems from observations that similar neuro-physiological factors that make written signatures unique are also exhibited in a user’s typing pattern. Introduction of Keystroke dynamics Keystroke dynamics or typing dynamics refers to the automated method of identifying or confirming the identity of an individual based on the manner and the rhythm of typing on a keyboard. Keystroke dynamics is a behavioral biometric, this means that the biometric factor is ‘something you do’. These days each household has at least one computer keyboard, making keystroke dynamics the easiest biometric solution to implement in terms of hardware. With keystroke dynamics the biometric template used to identify an individual is based on the typing pattern, the rhythm and the speed of typing on…

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