Genetic Algorithm

Genetic algorithms are a part of evolutionary computing, which is a rapidly growing area of artificial intelligence. Nature has always been a great source of inspiration to all mankind. Genetic Algorithms (GAs) are search based algorithms based on the concepts of natural selection and genetics. GAs is a subset of a much larger branch of computation known as Evolutionary Computation Genetic algorithms are inspired by Darwin’s theory about evolution. Simply said, solution to a problem solved by genetic algorithms is evolved. Genetic Algorithms are a family of computational models inspired by evolution These algorithms encode a potential solution to a specific problem on a simple chromosomelike data structure and apply recombination operators to these structures so as to preserve critical information Genetic algorithms are often viewed as function optimizers although the range of problems to which genetic algorithms have been applied is quite broad. Definition of Genetic algorithm Genetic Algorithms are heuristic search approaches that are applicable to a wide range of optimization problems. This flexibility makes them attractive for many optimization problems in practice. Evolution is the basis of Genetic Algorithms. The current variety and success of species is a good reason for believing in the power of evolution. Species are…

Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Networking , Technology & Science / August 10, 2017

MANET Overview The new generation network that includes the wireless devices which are able to move freely or independently in random directions and speed with regulation of any authority and connected through the wireless links can be termed as ad-hoc networks. Fast expansion of wireless communication technology and the broad usage of mobile communication tools, wireless ad hoc networks are getting more and more consideration. Nowadays, wireless ad hoc networks are not only used in military, but also been applied to civilian application, including home area networks, mobile communication networks, and so on. With the widespread rapid development of computers and the wireless communication, the mobile computing has already become the field of computer communications in high-profile link. An Ad hoc network is a collection of mobile nodes, which forms a temporary network without the aid of centralized administration or standard support devices regularly available as conventional networks. These nodes generally have a limited transmission range and, so, each node seeks the assistance of its neighboring nodes in forwarding packets and hence the nodes in an Ad hoc network can act as both routers and hosts. Thus a node may forward packets between other nodes as well as run user applications….

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