What is Data Stream in Data Mining

In today’s information society, computer users are used to gathering and sharing data anytime and anywhere. This concerns applications such as social networks, banking, telecommunication, health care, research, and entertainment, among others. As a result, a huge amount of data related to all human activity is gathered for storage and processing purposes. These data sets may contain interesting and useful knowledge represented by hidden patterns, but due to the volume of the gathered data it is impossible to manually extract that knowledge. Data streaming requires some combination of bandwidth sufficiency and, for real-time human perception of the data, the ability to make sure that enough data is being continuously received without any noticeable time lag. What is it? Streaming Data is data that is generated continuously by thousands of data sources, which typically send in the data records simultaneously, and in small sizes (order of Kilobytes). Streaming data includes a wide variety of data such as log files generated by customers using your mobile or web applications, e-commerce purchases, in-game player activity, information from social networks, financial trading floors, or Geo-spatial services, and telemetry from connected devices or instrumentation in data centers. This data needs to be processed sequentially and incrementally…

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