What is Information Resource Management?
Technology & Science / July 20, 2018

Growing awareness and consideration of the dependence of organizations upon their internal and external information systems and practices for continuing operational effectiveness is one of the key strands in recent management literature. This new sensitivity to informational contributions to organizational success has pushed into prominence cause and claims of information management. Information resource management (IRM) is currently favored concept linking managerial effectiveness and information acquisition and use. That represents latest synthesis of a range of ideas based on the premise that effective decision-making and strategic thinking cannot be divorced from information consideration. Basic Overview of Information Resource Management Information-based organizations depend upon computer databases and information systems for their ongoing operation and management. Information Resource Management (IRM) is a program of activities directed at making effective use of information technology within an organization. These activities range from global corporate information planning to application system development, operation, and maintenance and support of end-user computing. A foundational component of public administration, Information Resource Management (IRM) can be understood as a philosophy of management that recognizes and calls for the creation, identification, capture and management of information resources as corporate assets to enable and support the development of policy and effective decision making….

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