What is Sequential Pattern Mining

The rapid growth of the amount of stored digital data and the recent developments in data mining techniques, have lead to an increased interest in methods for the exploration of data, creating a set of new data mining problems and solutions. Frequent Structure Mining is one of these problems. Its target is the discovery of hidden structured patterns in large databases. Sequences are the simplest form of structured patterns. In this article Sequential Pattern Mining is discussed. Introduction of Sequential Pattern Mining Sequential pattern is a set of itemsets structured in sequence database which occurs sequentially with a specific order. A sequence database is a set of ordered elements or events, stored with or without a concrete notion of time. Each itemset contains a set of items which include the same transaction-time value. While association rules indicate intra-transaction relationships, sequential patterns represent the correlation between transactions. Sequential pattern mining discovers which items a single customer, having those items come from various transactions, brings in a particular order. The resulting pattern found after mining is the sequence of item sets that normally found frequent in specific order. Sequential pattern mining is used in various areas for different purposes. It can be used…

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