Signature Recognition and Applications

Signature is a special case of handwriting which includes special characters and flourishes. Many signatures can be unreadable. They are a kind of artistic handwriting objects. However, a signature can be handled as an image, and hence, it can be recognized using computer vision and artificial neural network techniques. Handwritten signatures are widely utilized as a form of personal recognition. However, they have the unfortunate shortcoming of being easily abused by those who would fake the identification or intent of an individual which might be very harmful. Therefore, the need for an automatic signature recognition system is crucial. Signature Recognition Overview The basic goal of the handwritten signatures is to provide an accurate method in order to verify a person’s identity based on the way in which he/she signs his/her name. Hence for this reason, the handwritten signatures are widely accepted, socially and legally throughout the world. There are basically two types of systems – online and offline. The hand-written signature verification uses the features conveyed by every signatory such that the features considered have a unique understanding and the way of signing presents the behavioral biostatistics. Some researchers considered common issues with the extraction of identification data from different…

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