Introduction of Text Summarization

With the dramatic growth of the Internet, people are overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of online information and documents. This expanding availability of documents has demanded exhaustive research in the area of automatic text summarization. Every day, people rely on a wide variety of sources to stay informed — from news stories to social media posts to search results. Being able to develop Machine Learning models that can automatically deliver accurate summaries of longer text can be useful for digesting such large amounts of information in a compressed form. What is Text Summarization? Text summarization is the problem of creating a short, accurate, and fluent summary of a longer text document. Summarization can also serve as an interesting reading comprehension test for machines. To summarize well, machine learning models need to be able to comprehend documents and distill the important information, tasks which are highly challenging for computers, especially as the length of a document increases. The World Wide Web has brought us a vast amount of on-line information. Due to this fact, every time someone searches something on the Internet, the response obtained is lots of different Web pages with much information, which is impossible for a person to…

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