Information Retrieval System and Applications

Information retrieval (IR) is the field of computer science that deals with the processing of documents containing free text, so that they can be rapidly retrieved based on keywords specified in a user’s query. The effectiveness of IR systems is measured by comparing performance on a common set of queries and documents. The meaning of the term IR can be very broad. Just getting a credit card out of your wallet so that you can type in the card number is a form of IR. However, as an academic field of study, information retrieval might be defined thus: What is information retrieval ? Information retrieval is generally considered as a subfield of computer science that deals with the representation, storage, and access of information. Information retrieval is concerned with the organization and retrieval of information from large database collections Information Retrieval (IR) is the science of searching for information within relational databases, documents, text, multimedia files, and the World Wide Web. Information retrieval is accomplished by means of an information retrieval system and is performed manually or with the use of mechanization or automation. Human beings are indispensable in information retrieval. Depending on the character of the information contained in the…

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