Credits: Think360 Studios There are many websites, books, and other resources that teach us programming but not all of them tell us that how to learn programming and moreover how to get consistency in this learning period. That’s exactly what, we are going to cover today.   Set Your  Goal : Credits: Northbound Sales Training   First of all, you need a goal, for what you want to learn programming otherwise if you will start learning t...

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Android is leading the smartphone market as a champion with the leadership rate of 84 %, over 3.3 billion smartphones are running on the Android operating system because of its efficiency and performance.   Android : It is an open source operating system which is made on Linux-kernel. Today Android is featured in almost 70% of smart electronics globally but the primary sector that has hooked with this operating system is the smartphone ma...

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Decision Tree:Overview in different kinds of supervised data mining techniques the Decision Tree are one of the most popular classification and prediction technique. basically the training data samples are organized in form of tree data structure. where the nodes of tree shows the attributes of the data set and edges can be used for demonstrating the values of these attributes. additionally the leaf node of the tree contains the decisions of t...

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Local Binary Pattern For Image Texture Analysis
Image Processing , Technology & Science / November 25, 2017

Nowadays, applications in the field of surveillance, banking and multimedia equipment are becoming more important, but since each application related to face analysis demands different requirements on the analysis process, almost all algorithms and approaches for face analysis are application dependent and a standardization or generalization is quite difficult. Local Binary Patterns (LBP) is a non-parametric descriptor whose aim is t...

introduction of Regression Analysis

Extracting patterns and models of interest from large databases is attracting much attention in a variety of disciplines. Knowledge discovery in databases (KDD) and data mining are areas of common interest to researchers in machine learning, pattern recognition, statistics, artificial intelligence, and high performance computing. Regression General Overview Regression is a data mining function that predicts a number. Profit, sales, m...

Introduction of Motion Analysis
Image Processing , Technology & Science / November 23, 2017

The ultimate goal of computer vision is to understand the scene correctly through various steps of acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding different kinds of information obtained by different kinds of sensors. Human motion analysis, recognition, and understanding are one of the very hottest topics within computer vision. Aspect of Motion Analysis As one of the most active research areas in computer vision, visual analysis ...

Social Network Analysis

Network analysis is still a growing field with a great deal of opportunity for new and transformative contributions. The term social network refers to the articulation of a social relationship, official or achieved, among individuals, families, households, villages, communities, regions, and so on. Each of them can play dual roles, acting both as a unit or node of a social network as well as a social actor Social Network Analysis : D...

Forensics and Computer Vision: Blood Spatter Analysis
Image Processing , Technology & Science / November 21, 2017

Often found at the scenes of violent crimes, the analysis of bloodstains can provide vital clues as to the occurrence of events Bloodstain Pattern Analysis is a forensic discipline in which, among others, the position of victims can be determined at crime scenes on which blood has been shed. Therefore, we studied in details about blood spatter analysis and their pattern analysis in image processing system. Blood Spatter Analysis : Si...

Introduction Image De-Noising
Image Processing , Technology & Science / November 20, 2017

Any form of signal processing having image as an input and output (or a set of characteristics or parameters of image) is called image processing. In image processing we work in two domains i.e., spatial domain and frequency domain. Spatial domain refers to the image plane itself, and image processing method in this category are based on direct manipulation of pixels in an image and coming to frequency domain it is the analysis of ma...

What is Ensemble Learning

Ensemble learning typically refers to methods that generate several models which are combined to make a prediction, either in classification or regression problems. This approach has been the object of a significant amount of research in recent years and good results have been reported. This section introduced basic of the ensemble learning of classification. Ensemble Learning : Overview Ensemble learning is a machine learning paradi...

An Introduction of Object Recognition
Image Processing , Technology & Science / November 18, 2017

Object Recognition: A Computer Vision Perception Computer vision is the ability of machines to see and understand what is in their surroundings. This field contains methods for acquiring, processing and analyzing of images to be able to extract important information used by artificial systems. Object recognition in computer vision is the task of finding a given object in an image or video sequence. It is a fundamental vision problem....

Hidden Treasure of Wild Beauty : Kanha National Park
Culture , Food , History , Travel and Destinations / November 17, 2017

History of Kanha National Park Kanha was originally formed a part of the Gondwana which means “Land of Gonds”. Given forest were inhibited by two aboriginal tribes of Central India, Gonds and Baigas. If we travel surrounding villages of Kanha National Parks, we may found majority of villagers are from same tribes. In late 1880, during British era, Kanha national park, called Central Provinces was setting for Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle ...

Introduction of Human Computer Interaction

Utilizing computers had always begged the question of interfacing. The methods by which human has been interacting with computers has travelled a long way. The journey still continues and new designs of technologies and systems appear more and more every day and the research in this area has been growing very fast in the last few decades. The growth in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) field has not only been in quality of interaction...

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