Decision Tree:Overview in different kinds of supervised data mining techniques the decision trees are one of the most popular classification and prediction technique. basically the training data samples are organized in form of tree data structure. where the nodes of tree shows the attributes of the data set and edges can be used for demonstrating the values of these attributes. additionally the leaf node of the tree contains the decisions of ...

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What is DNS Spoofing and how it works

The DNS is responsible for resolving human-readable domain names to numeric IP addresses. It is a protocol designed in the early days of the internet, and features only weak security mechanisms. DNS Spoofing, also known as DNS Poisoning or DNS Cache Poisoning, involves corrupting an Internet server’s Domain Name System table by replacing a valid Internet address with that of another, rogue address. When a web user looks for the...

What is Part of Speech Tagging in Natural Language Processing?

With the advancement of technology, the demand of Natural Language Processing (NLP) is also increasing and it becomes very important to find out correct information from collection of huge data only on the basis of queries and keywords. Sometimes user tries to search data with help of query and get unimportant or irrelevant data instead of correct data. The aim of Natural Language Processing is to facilitate the interaction between h...

What is X.25 Protocol in Networking?
Networking , Technology & Science / May 31, 2018

With the growth in corporate packet switching networks and an increasing awareness of the opportunities for data theft, therefore we focus on the need for data security in X.25 networks. X.25 was a standard suite of protocols used for packet-switched communications over a wide area network—a WAN. A protocol is an agreed-upon set of procedures and rules. Two devices that follow the same protocols can understand each other and exchange...

What is Different Configuration in HDLC Protocol?
Networking , Technology & Science / May 26, 2018

High-level Data Link Control (HDLC) is a bit-oriented link layer protocol. Its most prominent feature is that it can transmit any types of bit stream transparently. HDLC supports point-to-point link only and does not support point-to-multipoint link. HDLC supports neither IP address negotiation nor authentication. It uses keep-alive messages to check link status. HDLC can only be encapsulated on synchronous link. Currently, this prot...

What is High Level Data Link Control Protocol (HDLC)?
Technology & Science / May 25, 2018

The HDLC protocol is a general purpose protocol which operates at the data link layer of the OSI reference model. The protocol uses the services of a physical layer, and provides either a best effort or reliable communications path between the transmitter and receiver (i.e. with acknowledged data transfer). The type of service provided depends upon the HDLC mode which is used. Basic Overview of HDLC High-level Data Link Control (HDLC...

What is Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) in Computer Networks?
Networking , Technology & Science / May 24, 2018

SNMP stands for simple network management protocol. It is a way that servers can share information about their current state, and also a channel through which administer can modify pre-defined values. While the protocol itself is very simple, the structure of programs that implement SNMP can be very complex. SNMP is one of the widely accepted protocols to manage and monitor network elements. Most of the professional–grade network ele...

What is Blowfish Algorithm in Cryptography?

In cryptographic circles, plaintext is the message we are trying to transmit. The process of encryption converts that plaintext message into ciphertext, and decryption converts the ciphertext back into plaintext. Encryption algorithms are technically classified in two broad categories- Symmetric key Cryptography and Asymmetric Key Cryptography. In symmetric type of Cryptography, the key that is used for encryption is same as the key ...

Raja Ram Mohan Roy: A Social Activist
Culture , History / May 22, 2018

Raja Ram Mohan Roy is a great historical figure who put laudable efforts to transform India and dared to defy the age old Hindu traditions. He undertook a lot of social reforms to change the society and worked to uplift the status of women in India. Roy fought against Sati system. He was also a great scholar who translated many books, religious and philosophical work and scriptures into Bengali and also translated Vedic scriptures in...

What is RSA Algorithm in Network Security?

RSA Algorithm is christened after its joint inventors, Ron Rivset, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman who invented it during 1977. This algorithm is the first of its kind that can be used for public key encryption as well as digital signatures. The RSA cryptosystem is the most widely-used public key cryptography algorithm in the world. It can be used to encrypt a message without the need to exchange a secret key separately. The RSA algor...

What is Graphics Rendering in Computer Graphics?

Computer generated images by default render the entire scene in perfect focus. The desire to render the world around us is common to many applications. As part of this ‘virtual world’ it is natural to include representations of humans. A realistic visual approximation of a human requires a polygon mesh of significant complexity, especially as it has to be sufficiently tessellated to allow smooth deformations of the model. Image-based...

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