Credits: Think360 Studios There are many websites, books, and other resources that teach us programming but not all of them tell us that how to learn programming and moreover how to get consistency in this learning period. That’s exactly what, we are going to cover today.   Set Your  Goal : Credits: Northbound Sales Training   First of all, you need a goal, for what you want to learn programming otherwise if you will start learning t...

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Android is leading the smartphone market as a champion with the leadership rate of 84 %, over 3.3 billion smartphones are running on the Android operating system because of its efficiency and performance.   Android : It is an open source operating system which is made on Linux-kernel. Today Android is featured in almost 70% of smart electronics globally but the primary sector that has hooked with this operating system is the smartphone ma...

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Decision Tree:Overview in different kinds of supervised data mining techniques the Decision Tree are one of the most popular classification and prediction technique. basically the training data samples are organized in form of tree data structure. where the nodes of tree shows the attributes of the data set and edges can be used for demonstrating the values of these attributes. additionally the leaf node of the tree contains the decisions of t...

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What is Sequential Pattern Mining

The rapid growth of the amount of stored digital data and the recent developments in data mining techniques, have lead to an increased interest in methods for the exploration of data, creating a set of new data mining problems and solutions. Frequent Structure Mining is one of these problems. Its target is the discovery of hidden structured patterns in large databases. Sequences are the simplest form of structured patterns. In this a...

What is Knowledge Discovery and Database
Technology & Science / January 4, 2018

The desire and need for information has led to the development of systems and equipment that can generate and collect massive amounts of data. Knowledge Discovery and Database (KDD) is an interdisciplinary area focusing upon methodologies for extracting useful knowledge from data. The ongoing rapid growth of online data due to the Internet and the widespread use of databases have created an immense need for Knowledge Discovery and Da...

Introduction of Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing (NLP) is the relationship between computers and human language. More specifically, natural language processing is the computer understanding, analysis, manipulation, and/or generation of natural language. Will a computer program ever be able to convert a piece of English text into a programmer friendly data structure that describes the meaning of the natural language text? Unfortunately, no consensus has e...

Outlier Detection in Data Mining

Outlier detection is a primary step in many data-mining applications. In many data analysis tasks a large number of variables are being recorded or sampled. One of the first steps towards obtaining a coherent analysis is the detection of outlaying observations. Although outliers are often considered as an error or noise, they may carry important information. Detected outliers are candidates for aberrant data that may otherwise advers...

Maxtech Wishes You Happy and Prosperous New Year
Technology & Science / December 31, 2017

“Before the calendar turns a new leaf over, before the social networking sites get flooded with messages, before the mobile networks get congested, let me take a quiet moment out to wish you a wonderful, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!” हजारों दुआओं बेशुमार वफाओं अनगिनत मोहबतों बेपनाह चाहतों और खुशिओं के खजाने के साथ आपको एडवांस में। नया साल मुबारक हो।। Team Maxtech Solutions  

Iris Recognition System

The pressures on today’s system administrators to have secure systems are ever increasing. One area where security can be improved is in authentication. Iris recognition, a biometric, provides one of the most secure methods of authentication and identification thanks to the unique characteristics of the iris. The iris recognition is now becoming a common authentication method in handheld consumer electronics devices, such as cellphon...

Introduction of Web Services

Web services can be published and can be accessed with internet and business intranets for developing scattered applications. It can be defined as the model for software system and designed to maintain interoperable communication. The capacity to select and compose the inter-organizational and mixed services at runtime on the web is the important issue to be considered in web service applications. With the help of a single web servic...

Signature Recognition and Applications

Signature is a special case of handwriting which includes special characters and flourishes. Many signatures can be unreadable. They are a kind of artistic handwriting objects. However, a signature can be handled as an image, and hence, it can be recognized using computer vision and artificial neural network techniques. Handwritten signatures are widely utilized as a form of personal recognition. However, they have the unfortunate sh...

Understanding of Distributed System

Networks of computers are everywhere. The Internet is one, as are the many networks of which it is composed. Mobile phone networks, corporate networks, factory networks, campus networks, home networks, in-car networks – all of these, both separately and in combination, share the essential characteristics that make them relevant subjects for study under the heading distributed systems. Distributed computing deals with all forms of com...

Importance of Dimensionality Reduction in Data mining

The recent explosion of data set size, in number of records as well as of attributes, has triggered the development of a number of big data platforms as well as parallel data analytics algorithms. At the same time though, it has pushed for the usage of data dimensionality reduction procedures. Dealing with a lot of dimensions can be painful for machine learning algorithms. High dimensionality will increase the computational complexit...

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