Narmadeshwar Mahadev : The Residence of Lord Shiva on the earth

October 7, 2018 Author: munishmishra04_3od47tgp
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In Hinduism it is said that the Lord Shiva the primary source of all the energy and this whole universe and thus the mighty God is worshipped across the globe and the shiv linga is the abstract representation of Lord Shiva and as a matter of fact the Shiv Linga is described as a center of concentration that, if you look at the Linga, it will help you to focus. Today, in most of the Hindu Temples in India, the Shiva is worshipped in the form of linga rather than a statue. In this article, Narmadeshwar Mahadev and their place are explained.

Narmadeshwar Mahadev shiv linga

The Narmadeshwar Mahadev is a form of shiv linga which is assumed as the most spiritual and pure form of Shiva Linga and it is believed that the mighty lord himself resides in the Narmadeshwar Mahadev shiv linga.

The story of Narmadeshwar Mahadev:

It is believed that once upon a time Lord Shiva was Penancing on the mountain Maikal in Amarkantak. Meanwhile due to the sun heat a drop of sweat of Lord Shiva fell on the ground and thus took a form of a holy river which today is known as the Narmada river  and when Shiva awoke from penancing and saw a river was flowing there and thus gave it a boon that from now onwards I will reside in every stone of this holy river the Narmada and from then all the shiv lingas found in the Narmada are worshipped

The fact is that One does not have to establish the Narmdeshwar Mahadev by any procedure, the narmadeshwar Mahadev are sacred and very pure that they can be established in the house and can be worshipped. The rare and pure form of Narmadeshwar Mahadev is found at the backside of river Narmada in Bakawaa, Madhya Pradesh India. Devotees can get the Narmadeshwar Mahadev Shiv Linga in its pure form from the below links:


Narmadeshwar Mahadev is found at the bankside of river


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