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How to write effective Research proposal (synopsis)

April 6, 2019
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Hi Friends, in this article we understand about how to write a research proposal or synopsis for your research project. A Number of students and research fellows are worried about the first step of research work synopsis or research proposal. Dear if you selected a topic for your research, then i will provide you a small tips to writing the synopsis. the steps are:

1 Introduction/ overview

If you have selected the research paper on which you want to work. Then deeply study the research paper which you selected. Focus on paper’s introduction, objectives, contributions, results and conclusion. Then decide what you want to do additionally in this available paper. Now if you concluded then write it in simple manner.

  1. what is the applicability
  2. where you found it
  3. what you offered in your work

2 Literature review

Collect the similar papers, as you selected for your research work. Find the contributions, algorithms, methods and results in all the papers. After that summarize all the things in one paragraph with the reference numbers.

3 Problem Domain

Specify the problem which you observed in different papers try to address the problems or issues which are remain to solve. Describe all the points carefully because your given details are need to be fulfilled in your solution steps.

4 Solution Domain

Now you have to focus on two major things.

  1. your problems or addressed issues in research project
  2. for solving these issues in other research papers what strategy is used

Try to draw a block diagram for your concluded steps of solution. additionally prepare the strong logic why you are going to use this solution. if you find any gap in your problem specified and solution you derived then consult with your project guide to help you.

5 Tools and technology

Find out how you are going to implement your solution or simulate your solution. prepare a list of tools and technologies which are suitable for you, what platform you want i.e. hardware and software configurations of your system for development and deployment of solution.

6 Application Domain

List down what are the application areas where you can apply your solution. Additionally try to describe how you can apply on that application area.

7 Expected Outcomes

That is the conclusion part of your document (research proposal / synopsis). therefore write here about your expectations with your project work. for example the project can provide a new technique for clustering of data with less computational complexities or others.

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Thanks for reading !!!

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