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How to learn Programming?

August 5, 2018
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start learning

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There are many websites, books, and other resources that teach us programming but not all of them tell us that how to learn programming and moreover how to get consistency in this learning period. That’s exactly what, we are going to cover today.


Set Your  Goal :

set your goal

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First of all, you need a goal, for what you want to learn programming otherwise if you will start learning the coding and will leave it in the middle, which will be inappropriate. First observe your goal that why do you want to learn it and on the basis of that, start learning. Choose your goal wisely, because that will be the base and according to your goal the decision of language would be done. I would suggest you to, choose the goal as something that you want to do eagerly and something that you found interesting, in that way you will not be able to lose hope very easily and you will have a determination towards the specific purpose.


Select the proper programming Language :

There are dozens of programming languages out there in the market but now the decision would be dependent on your goal. The selection of the right programming language is very important, because if you choose something complex then you might lose hope and left it in middle. Thus according to your goal choose your programming language remembering the following keywords in your mind:

  • The first and uttermost thing to remember is that it must be relevant to your goal.
  • The language you choose must be trending or most updated, that will help you to work smartly, because the programming languages are becoming so efficient and user friendly that you don’t even kids can learn it with ease.
  • Initialization can be done from a simple and easy language which can be upgraded later.




Grow eventually ‘don’t try to eat it all’ :

The common and usual mistake that made a lot of programmers to lose hope at the beginning is that we try to do it all together in one time which is not good for learning in such a deep sector. We are familiar with the fact that the programming languages are vast and deep and hence they require time and what we do is just the opposite of that. As from our behavior that’s what we do, starts learning any language, find it interesting that with few codes we can build something and start learning rapidly faster and that’s where we fail. Every deep matter needs time and consistency. We must understand that learning requires time. Here is a list of facts that we must keep in mind while learning for a new language from scratch:

  • Collect some material :

The requirement of material is must because that is going to decide, that how good a programmer you will be. Collect e-books, PDFs and articles and other stuff that is available right next to you on the internet

  • Take baby steps:

As we know we are new in this field and are in the learning state, so do not get too impatient and learn in a proper sloppy manner. Start easily and then speed up eventually. Speeding up at the beginning of learning could be harmful.

  • Make a proper routine:

The best way to learn anything (Not only programming language) is making a routine of it and make it a part of your daily work, which is essential and you have to do this anyway. As it will become in your habit

  • Relate it everywhere:

One very productive step of learning something new consist relativity, relate everything you see with your learning, for instance, once I had started learning to model objects in animation field and during this learning period every shape I see, looks very relatable and constructive in the animation. It helps us to maintain  our interest in the field.

Don’t Lose Hope:

Credits: iCarly Wiki

The worst fact ever that has left a lot of programmers abandoned in the middle is they lose hope. There is nothing too hard or impossible, you just have to be a little patient . Give yourself some time to grow, it took legendary personalities to invest their lifetime to become a legend. In the case, you feel nervous or think like losing hope try reading the struggle stories of hero and believe me it will help you rebuild your hope and the faith that you have lost.

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