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Five Easy Steps to Complete your research project

March 28, 2019
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A number of students and research fellows are worried for completing their research project. In this article we provide the easiest way (Steps) to complete your research projects. The basic Idea is demonstrated in below figure 1.

How to complete ME/MTECH research project
  1. Topic Selection : In order to select a research topic first think about your interesting subject. For example data mining, Image processing, cloud computing and others. If you find your interest in any subject or domain, then explore the research papers. That belongs to your domain you can use the popular online resources for search research papers such as:
    1. Google scholar
    2. Research gate and others
  2. Synopsis writing : after finding some research papers from the different sources select any one of them. Before selection of topic, you have to assured about the paper. It must be recent and from any popular journal such as IEEE, ACM or others. Read the complete paper carefully and try to focus on the following:
    1. problem domain
    2. Future work (if any)
    3. And contributions, based on these three points prepare your synopsis.
  3. Implementation : After completing synopsis find the best possible way to solve the extracted problem domain. Additionally find the simulators, tools and languages on which you are comfortable to work. For example network simulation you can use NS2 (network simulator), or cloud computing you can select the CloudSim.
  4. Thesis writing : However every institute have their own format of thesis. Additionally they focuses on Quality of thesis also, therefore you can work on the following points to write the thesis:
    1. Introduction: it may include the basic overview of work, motivation, objectives and problem domain
    2. Literature Survey: the detailed investigation of your work and relevant techniques that developed recently.
    3. Proposed work: that includes the need of your work, methodology, system design and algorithms you have developed.
    4. Implementation : include the techniques and methods, GUI and code to explain your work. how you are implemented the system.
    5. Results analysis : include the performance graphs, advantages and comparisons with some available techniques. That help you to justify your work in front of others.
    6. Conclusion and future work: write the conclusion based on your design and development experience. Additionally involve the experimental outcomes with data. Include the future extension and possibilities with your given work.
  5. PPT Preparation: It is an art of delivering your product to others. Therefore Keep it simple as you can. Do not include massive data just put the points based on your Thesis.

It is the basic overview of steps involved in your research work. I will explain it in more detailed manner in future articles. If you have any query or any issue please feel free to contact me.

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