What is Blockchain Technology And How It Is Useful For Us

Blockchain is being termed as the fifth disruptive innovation in computing. Blockchain technology or the distributed, secure ledger technology has gained much attention in recent years. This article presents blockchain technology literature and its applications. A very significant plus of the blockchain technology is that it solves two of the most dreaded problems of currency based transactions, which have so long necessitated the requirement of a third party to validate the transactions. Blockchain Overview Blockchain technology is a sophisticated, interesting, and emerging technology. It provides a reliable way of confirming the party submitting a record to the blockchain, the time and date of its submission, and the contents of the record at the time of submission, eliminating the need for third-party intermediaries in certain situations. However, it is important to consider that blockchain technology does not verify or address the reliability or the accuracy of the contents, and additionally blockchain technology provides no storage for records, but instead the hashes thereof A blockchain is an electronic ledger of digital records, events, or transactions that are cryptographically hashed, authenticated, and maintained through a “distributed” or “shared” network of participants using a group consensus protocol. Much like a checkbook is a ledger…

What is Data Migration
Database , Technology & Science / February 2, 2018

Data migration is the process of moving data between storage units or entire computer systems. In order for this process to be efficient, powerful data extraction and data loading designs are critical. These designs help in mapping data, which is present on the current system, to the new system which is being implemented. One of the categories of Data migration is Database Migration. Database migration is the process of moving the business logic, schema, physical data and database dependencies from a current system to a different/new system. Database Migration is used when it is required to shift from one database vendor to another. This may be because of various reasons such as cost, capabilities, functionalities, requirements etc. Typically data migration occurs during an upgrade of existing hardware or transfer to a completely new system. Examples include: migration to or from hardware platform; upgrading a database or migrating to new software; or company-mergers when the parallel systems in the two companies need to be merged into one. There are three main options to accomplish data migration: Merge the systems from the two companies into a brand new one Migrate one of the systems to the other one. Leave the systems as…

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