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Augmented Reality : Immersive Technology

August 1, 2018
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Augmented reality is the experience of the collaboration between the real world and the virtual objects. All these reality concepts such as the virtual reality and augmented reality are related to the immersion of either the fictional world or the collaboration of a fictional world with the real world. AR is a revolutionary technology for learning, for instance, it will be easy for the students to understand the human body by having an all the round look at it.

ar technology dianasour

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Introduction to Augmented Reality:

use of augmented reality

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The meaning of the word augmented is to make something greater by adding to it. Well, the concept of augmented reality is the same, where the artificial objects are added to the real world with the help of the sensors and depth effects. Augmented reality is the technology that overlays information and virtual objects on real-world scenes in real-time [1]For instance if somebody wants to look inside of the human stomach and in the practical way that would be too costly and risky as well but with the help of the augmented reality even a 5-year-old child can do that with ease. In the augmented reality artificial 3-dimensional objects have been created and they have collaborated with the real world with the help of the camera and one can have the information and observation of that three-dimensional object.

How It Works?

working of ar

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Handheld devices such as smartphones and the iPad are other ways to use augmented reality. They contain software, sensors, a compass and small digital projectors which display images onto real-world objects. Another option is a head-mounted display (HMD) which is often used in virtual reality applications [2].


How is it different from virtual reality?

difference in ar and vr

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Virtual reality replaces the real with the artificial whereas AR enhances real life with artificial images [2]. Virtual reality is a place of imaginations whereas the augmented world is the combination of virtual objects and the real world. In virtual reality, the assets that are required are a VR headset and headphone for the sound output and on the other to use the augmented reality camera is the basic requirement tools and even the low-end device with having an average camera can experience the impact of augmented reality.


Augmented-Reality in future:


The better way of describing the head is that the augmented reality is the future. AR is a futuristic and revolutionary technology of this decade. AR has made a revolution in the smartphone application market. Since the arrival of the technology, a lot of futuristic and revolutionary applications has been developed and many more are under development. The Gatewick passenger application Is an example of that revolutionary apps, this application navigates the passengers to the desired counter or destination at the airport by navigating through green arrows virtual road on the screen of their smartphone. And the passenger application is just one step towards the incredible and tremendous future of AR

gatewick passenger application

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