Journey of Computers

“If you want to progress, you have to evaluate”; Today not only the humans but the computers have evaluated as well, in terms of their performance, usability and stability. In the earlier days when the computer was invented it was supposed to do basic tasks like computations and today almost all of our daily life work is handled by the computers. This journey of computers from a single task calculator to game changer is a tremendous journey and today we are going to focus on that journey.   What is Computer? A computer is nothing but an electronic device that performs processes calculation and operation on the basis of given instructions [1]. Computation consists of three commands as input, process, and output at where the input is the instructions that we are providing to the computer through our input devices such as keyboard, mouse, and joystick. Then as receiving the input, the computer hardware starts processing the input and after completing the process it produces the output to the user using the output hardware such as a monitor, printer etc.   How did it start? Who first thought about the computer? Who invented this ultrasmart device? The computer was invented in…

What is Feature Selection and it’s techniques

Suppose there is a real life problem as to put a nail on a wall , so what are the steps to complete the process of putting that nail , we need a nail and a hammer so this selection of attribute according to the problem is the same thing in the Feature selection in machine learning . The reduction of problem depends on the selection of the variables included in the process, and thus the feature selection plays an important role in the creation of a model of a problem. This article covers some of the following topics: Introduction Techniques of Features Selection Advantage and use of feature selection Introduction of Feature selection In machine learning Feature selection is a process of selecting the essential and useful variables for the particular problem model and feature selection is the process where the complexity and the performance of the model will be decided , as if the features or not selected properly , then model will be complex , slower and bulky and thus performance will be decreased. The feature selection compares and selects the best features that are relevant to the associated problem and removes the unwanted features according to…

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