What is Multimedia Communication in Computer Graphics?

Multimedia communication deals with the transfer, the protocols, services and mechanisms of discrete media data (such as text and graphics) and continuous media data (like audio and video) in/over digital networks. Multimedia systems have attracted much attention during the last few years in the society as a whole and in the information technology field in particular. Multimedia communication comprises the techniques needed for distributed multimedia systems. To enable the access to information such as audio and video data, techniques must be developed which allow for the handling of audiovisual information in computer and communication systems Basic Overview of Multimedia Communication Multimedia is everywhere as a communication method to educate, inspire, and encourage people through several digital forms like photography, video, illustration, animation, audio, text, interactive websites and engaging environments. Expressive and talented people with digital communication skills have the desirable job skills that employers are seeking including analytical thinking, creative problem solving, and working collaboratively. Our multimedia communication degrees are designed to balance artistic technique and technical proficiency with professional competency in print, web, and social media applications. Visual literacy, creativity, and collaboration are integrated into a curriculum that teaches you how to develop digital media content that responds to…

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