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Dr B.R. Ambedkar (14th April 1891 – 6th December 1956)
History / April 14, 2018

The life and activities of every great thinker or activist, depend to a great extent on the various problematic conditions under which he/she lives and works and struggles to bring about desired changes. In the case of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, this societal relationship is far more evident, as he was born in a community which, for centuries, had been subjected to deprivations, miseries, humiliations, oppression’s and denials in every worthy aspect of human life. General Overview Dr. Ambedkar’s thoughts as reflected in his writings and speeches have significant importance in tracing the history and growth of social thought in India. In the course of time so many of his publications are not even available in the market. In some cases the authentic editions are getting out of print. Besides, as time passes, many of his observations in matters social, economic and political are coming true. Social tensions and caste conflicts are continuously on the increase. Dr. Ambedkar’s thoughts have therefore, assumed more relevance today. If his solutions and remedies on various socioeconomic problems are understood and followed, it may help us to steer through the present turmoil and guide us for the future. It was therefore very apt on…