Vampire Attack in Wireless Sensor Network
Networking , Technology & Science / October 11, 2017

Introduction of Vampire Attack in Wireless Ad-hoc Sensor Networks A new class of resource depletion attack has been discovered which permanently disable network by draining energy of network nodes called “Vampire Attack”. Vampire attacks are not affecting any specific protocol. Vampire attack causes composition and flooding of messages more similar to that generated by an honest node and drains the battery life from network nodes. Basically vampire attack is a variant of DDOS attacks, which performs resource consumption on neighbor nodes. Therefore, during the vampire attack targeted packets are modified for preparing long routes or misguiding the packets. In addition of that the malicious nodes are making frequent connectivity of the entire neighbor nodes in the network using false control message exchange. Due to these neighbor nodes replies the false request for connectivity and draining energy rapidly. Therefore, in order to detect and prevent the malicious nodes in the network a new kind of scheme is required which monitor the network node’s activity and provide the decision for malicious behaving nodes. Vampire attacks are not protocol-specific, in that they do not rely on design properties or implementation faults of particular routing protocols, but rather exploit general properties of protocol classes such as…

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