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Image Inpainting Technique in Image Processing
Image Processing , Technology & Science / September 27, 2017

Image inpainting was historically done manually by painters for removing defect from paintings and photographs. Fill the region of missing information from a signal using surrounding information and re-form signal is the basic work of inpainting algorithms. Image inpainting is an art of missing value or a data in an image. The purpose of image inpainting is to reconstruct missing regions which is visible for human eyes. Image inpainting is the process of reconstructing lost part of images based on the background information. The modification of images in a way that is non-detectable for an observer who does not know the original image is a practice as old as artistic creation itself. The need to retouch the image in an unobtrusive way extended naturally from paintings to photography and film. The purposes remain the same to revert deterioration (e.g., cracksin photographs or scratches and dust spots in film), or to add or remove elements (e.g., removal of stamped date and red-eye from photographs, the infamous “airbrushing” of political enemies). Inpainting is the art of restoring lost parts of an image and reconstructing them based on the background information. This has to be done in an undetectable way. The term inpainting…